I’ve always been the type of person who tried to live up to the expectations of others. After years of people pleasing, I realized I had completely stifled my voice and was no longer showing up as myself. I had to shift my focus from being who people wanted me to be to living a life that brings me joy and gives God glory. I found my genius, that tiny space where your gifts and passion collide. 

Editor and Copywriter

Hello! I am NaToya Black


That’s when I decided to find a way to help women get their story out. That is how Ink & Identity was born. 

I focused on setting boundaries and living my truth because I wanted to help others tell their stories as well. Whether I was speaking at church or working with employees at my job, my audience began to get more of the unapologetic me. When was the last time you felt completely free to live in the full expression of who you were created to be? When it comes to telling your story, the first step is letting go of your old narrative and embarking on the journey to create a new and exciting one. 

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The story you tell about yourself should be one that resonates with your readers.

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We all have a story to tell, and within that story is our message. How do you want to share your message? Your story provides the platform for sharing your message, whether you share it in a book, at an event, or online.

Imagine how many people could be set free by reading the awe inspiring stories of the dynamic women around the world, women just like you. Imagine the freedom of living in full expression of your calling. I’m here to give you the action plan for getting your message out there in a way that will resonate with your audience.

What Clients Are Saying

NaToya is quite simply among the best. She is very professional, communicates very well and the quality of her writing and work is excellent. I am looking forward to working with her on another project.


I love working with NaToya! I give her my crazy thoughts and ideas for my website and she made it sound like poetry. NaToya does all my writing!


NaToya is amazing at what she does. I thought I was just going to write a book, but she never let me stay on the surface. She forced me to dig deep even when I didn't want to. This was more than a book writing project, this was a journey of healing for me. Thank you NaToya! 


 I’ll help you give your message clear voice by turning your story into written words with impact.

Helping you write your story is my passion.

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